Analyser details

What does it mean LDA? In abbreviation Luminance Distribution Analyser is covered hardware and software parts, but also support services, technical help and a lot of experience of our team. Nevertheless, interested persons often ask for more details. On this page, you can find some of the examples, demonstration, how the LDA looks in practice, as the set of all components.

LumiDISP software screenshot

If you have your screen wide enough, you can order windows and toolbars like on this screenshot. LumiDISP means Luminance DIStribution Processing. We choose this abbreviation for better pronunciation. Software is designed to works on Windows platform, from Windows7 to Windows 10.

LDA package set

Full set of LDA contains three exchangeable lenses, digital camera body, filters for V(l) correction, battery charger, second backup accu battery pack, flashcard reader, software on CD, printed guide, calibration certificate and some cables to connect. What you should buy externally is proper tripod and extension USB 2.0 active cable.

Basic set contains only one lens selected on demands. This set is ordered the most often.

Currently, we offer sets with

  • Fish Eye lens (180 deg view field),
  • 50 mm lens, and
  • 135 mm lens.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for the custom proposal, but we recommend using this tested and well-working type of lenses.